• Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Get in touch with Pro West Hills Air Conditioning, and get relaxed, our representative will ensure that you are getting the best solution of your Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in West Hills.

We handle all type of Air Conditioning problems including:

  • Repair of Air Conditioning system
  • Replacement/Installation of Air Conditioning system
  • Tune-ups of the system
  • Installation and Repair of Heat Pump
  • Installation and Repair of Thermostat

Our NATE certified, and HVAC licensed professionals will handle your HVAC needs with honesty and integrity. They not only invest their expertise to assist you in the installation but also intended to offer you the best related to your repair and maintenance needs. We focus on long-term solutions for your Air Conditioning installation and repair.

  • Window Air Conditioner Installation

When you are considering Window Air conditioner installation in West Hills, it’s better to complete it with the help of a professional instead of doing it on your own.

When you hire a professional from Pro West Hills Air Conditioning, it saves you from a hassle of job completion, the sweat of your brow’s and installation difficulties of Window Air Conditioner.

Our team ensures that the job will be done the right way, according to your requirements at a very reasonable price for your ease.

  • Air Duct Repair Service West Hills

Ductwork has substantial significance in HVAC systems of home and workplace both. After a certain age and corrosion, your air duct needs some repairs. The symptoms for duct repair can be:

  • Cold and hot spots in your house
  • Poor or Inconsistent Air Flow
  • Odd noises coming from your ductwork
  • Dented or Punctured Duct
  • Duct leaks, and contagion air in your indoors.

Pro West Hills Air Conditioning service can help you in all types of Air duct repairs in West Hills.  Our highly trained and friendly technicians will estimate the cost for you first, and then schedule the appointment on your convenience so it can ultimately restore your health and comfort.